We value your privacy just as we do our own. We never sell or share any of your data, unless we are legally bound to do so, and even then, only to regulate your membership in the APS TangoEvents. Here’s some information on what data we collect and process, how and why. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at info@bolognatangomarathon.it.

in short

Enter your personal data

You need enter your personal data for the registration.
We collect your personal data because Italian law dictates it’s necessary to become our Member. We have to keep it for years.

Your email is safe with us

We contact you only if you registered this year and have inquiries or info regarding your registrations. We will only contact you from @bolognatangomarathon.it addresses!

We have to store and process your data

We need your consent to all data storage and processing, in order to become a member and attend the festival.

Your data are safe

We keep your data safe and never sell it to anyone. Details are written below.

Data collection, processing, and privacy statement

The Amarcord Bologna Tango Marathon (Marathon) organising team (Team), consisting of individuals form the APS Tango Events (Association) is providing the marathon and all related activities as a service exclusively for the Association Members (Member/s). Therefore, it isn’t possible to participate at the Marathon without becoming an Association Member. 
The details, obligations, and rights of the Association Members, as well as methods of starting and cancelling a Membership, are explained in the Association Statues, available online and in written form by request. By Italian Law, we are required to collect and process some personal data from members, and details on this data can be obtained by request (contacts written below).
The personal data collected about the Member is used only by the Association and is never transferred, sold or exchanged with anyone except for the membership processing purposes and web site security reasons. This data is handled by the Association staff, our accounting and legal partners, and stored on European servers by our internet hosting provider. Details of those entities, serving as Data Processors, can be obtained at a member’s request. All our partners have declared themselves GDPR-compliant and we accept those statements as true. In case of any breach or misuse, we will immediately notify the relevant Data Protection Agencies.

Your rights

At any moment, the Member may contact the Association in written form or by email, to inquire about the personal data stored and processed about them, to ask for any information or to file a complaint. The Association will respond at the first opportunity, and within legal deadlines.
The Association contacts:
APS TangoEvents
Via Roma 153
Carlentini (SR), CAP 96013
Codice Fiscale e Partita IVA 93085620891
email info@tangoevents.it

Data collected

Full name
Date of birth
Full address, city and country of residence
Email address, to serve as the only communication channel between the Association and Member
Personal ID or document number
Log of registration system activity, for security and audit reasons.


Dancers who apply for the festival are required to enter their email address, because email is the only way the Association communicates with the Members. Still, an explicit consent is required during registration, and is a blocking pre-requisite to becoming a Member. A Member can request to not be contacted regarding the particular matter, but the Association reserves the right to contact the Member by email regarding their Membership.

Data deletion and complaints

The Italian General Tax Law requires the Team to keep Members’ data for 10 years, following the start of an individual’s Membership. All non-essential data can be requested for deletion by the Member, in written form by email to info@bolognatangomarathon.it. This is also the primary contact for all complaints and inquiries.

Legitimate interest
The Team reserves the right to contact the Member for inquiries related to the Association, Marathon and Membership, and to keep all data required for the Membership and Marathon participation.
Cookies are small packets of data, stored in the web site visitor’s browser, which websites use to keep info on the user, their preferences, activity on the website and similar. On this website, cookies are used for tracking traffic on the website, and for security reasons. These cookies can be refused by the web site visitor.
We only use Google Analytics’ cookies as an external tool for usage tracking. No social network integration is used or allowed on our website.
However, cookies are essential for the registration system’s functionality and security, and it is impossible to participate at the festival without becoming the Association Member. The registration cookies are removed after the process is complete. The Member can ask all registration system usage log referring to them to be deleted.
Photos and videos of participants at the event

The primary activity of the Association is promoting the dance culture and Argentine tango to everyone. Therefore, we consider it a legitimate interest to take photos and videos at all official events, listed in the official schedule, of all participants and use those photos for promotion purposes.
A participant keeps their right for their photo to be taken down by written request to info@bolognatangomarathon.it. This does not extend to video materials or photos made by unofficial photographers, as well as personal photos of other participants.
If a participant requests legal advice or help, the Association will provide any and all help it can and is allowed by law.